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Welcome to a Team Santa Inc. Web Store       
If you haven't shopped at a Team Santa Inc. website and would like more information related to public opinion, then please see the emails below related to the shopping experiences of actual consumers who had made purchases on a Team Santa Inc. website.
Please contact us and see for yourself why people are saying such nice things about us. Kindly send email to

You are the best. I have left Christmas xxxx xxxxxx for you guys. Your personalized service is one of the reasons why.
Thank you.



Hello Santa Sam! I wanted to let you know that the warm white G30 lights were delivered today. Yay! I also want to thank you for your prompt and friendly replies to my many inquiries about this item over the last few months and for working with me. The lights took a long time in coming, given long supply chains and all. I understand!

Again, thank you! Great customer service!

​VP in MN

You are the best, Sam. Take care, and have a blessed day.

JB in OH

We received the new set of lights in time for me to replace them on the bell and hang the display outside to enjoy for Christmas. The bell has now been working perfectly for a few nights.

We want to thank you again for resolving our issue promptly, courteously, and to our satisfaction. We have only a small residential display, but your company will be the first I go to for any future needs. You also have my highest recommendation. Your great service does not, unfortunately, seem to be the norm anymore.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and continue to enjoy the rest of the season.

With gratitude,

BQ in MA

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! I will certainly get these ordered today.

Now that's what I call customer service and satisfaction!!!

NP in AL

I cannot express in words how beautiful the 18 foot lighted tree is. It's absolutely unbelievable. So realistic and natural looking.

Sam, I am so happy that we picked the Teton tree instead of the other trees. It's absolutely gorgeous. Really beautiful. The visitors come in and their like "wow". Nicest tree I ever saw. It's really great.

Thanks Sam! I will see you again in October for more lights.

Warmest Wishes,

DG in TN

Thank you so much. You have been most helpful and I appreciate the great customer service.

Have a great day.

BP in GA

Thank you Sam. We actually received the FedEx shipment a few hours ago.  The “Boo sign” looks great in our yard!

Happy Halloween,

DH in FL


Thank you for all of your help with this.

You went above and beyond what most do.

Please let your supervisor know I am a very satisfied customer and will for sure be checking your web site for future needs.

RG in WV

Thank you Sam. I appreciate your great service.

BG in WV

Thank you so much!!!

I just ordered the pelican from the email invoice you sent me. I did see that my address information was correct--thank you for reminding me to verify that.

I really appreciate your going above and beyond to help me with this--it was very kind of you.

Have a wonderful day!

RR in OH


The red lights arrived and they are great, just as you predicted. It was a pleasure doing business with you!

Best regards,

CK in IL


Again, many thanks for your great support of my issue. Merry Christmas!


JR in AL


Thank you Sam. I must tell you, you have always been so kind and efficient. You have responded to my emails promptly and I very much appreciate it. Happy Holidays and if you celebrate Christmas...Merry Christmas.

KW in MD


I have had a nice experience with your company and I am looking forward to doing more business with you. Thank you again and I hope you have a nice weekend and a wonderful holiday.


SS in CA


Thank you very much for the excellent service!
Happy New Year!

CN in IA


I just received my Buon Natale sign!! I LOVE IT!!  My family & friends are going to be so jealous!! Don't be surprised if you get more orders after they see mine!! lol
thanks again, & happy holidays!!

MG in PA


The lighted decoration is absolutely AWESOME!! Many kudos to the warehouse design elves!! You guys are the very BEST!! Thanks again!‎
JB in PA

It was a real treat working with you Sam. You have incredible patience and you're a real gem!‎ Thank you very much for all your help.
MM in IN

Btw your customer service is impeccable. Thanks again! No need to respond..really!

Laura in CA

No, THANK YOU SAM!!!! You were absolutely amazing to work with.  Have a very wonderful day.
Michelle in Canada



My tree came in today & BY FAR exceeded my expectations!!!!!
It was well worth the wait & I wanted to thank you so much for making it happen !!!!
Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful & thanks again!!!!
RR in GA

Sam what a great thrill and relief it is to see this email this morning containing all the tracking numbers.  You and your company staff have helped to correct an almost nightmare situation with regards to decorating for my daughter's wedding on December 14, 2013!  Even more amazing, it's all in less than a 24 hour period and with a great discount in price as well. Thanks again for the extra help it is greatly appreciated! 

dear Sam, WOW!  fantastic service!  so fast! so helpful! thank you, thank you!!! going to order now!  thanks!!

SA in NJ


Thank you Sam - I rec the replacement wreath and it is working just fine. FED EX just picked up the defective one this morning so it is on its way back. Thank you for your wonderful customer service, I will b def "spreading the word" and intend to replace my garland next year and will b coming back to you!

VW in KY

Wow! Thanks so much for your quick and helpful reply!

DZ in NY


Thank you so very much for your excellent customer service. I will definitely recommend you for any Christmas needs.


Denise in TX


That is amazing.  I have to tell you that this is THE BEST customer service I have ever had (even in my own store!).  I will spread the word.  

Thank you.  

Hannah in NC



Davis in FL


Thanks for the fast response, that was really nice of you. I will definitely be referring you guys to friends and family.

AR in AZ

This is the 3rd lighted dachshund I’ve ordered from you….GREAT product and GREAT service.
GL in Texas

Thank you guys so much for helping out, I know they will all appreciate it and it just goes to show what an awesome organization you guys have. I've already told all my friends about what you guys have done, again thank you so much!

DS - 2LT U.S. Army


Just letting you know that this order arrived yesterday.  It is an auction item for a dachshund rescue in Lubbock, Texas.  This is the third I’ve ordered from you..and I’m thinking about ordering one more.  I’ve shared a link to your dachshund yard ornament on social media more than once indicating that your product is far superior to anything found in the box stores—we dachshund lovers are hard core!  Thanks again for a GREAT product and GREAT service.  

GL in Texas


Hi  Sam,

I just wanted to let you know I received the lights just now J - I followed the tracking minutely and as I saw that it reached Cayman I started calling them and went by their facility to pick it up.  I didn’t even wait for them to do the delivery.  LOL .

But a big Thank you for your assistance.


CD in Cayman Islands
I received the package and the ornaments I ordered are spectacular.  Love, love, love them. ‎

‎A‎J in NY‎

We can show you more emails but we think you get the picture and we have better things to show you anyway.
-Team Santa Inc

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Welcome decorating enthusiasts to the  Team Santa Inc. December-Decorator-Sale-Event
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